What is a panoramic picture?

A Panoramic picture is a 'wide unbroken view' or in this case a series of pictures which have either been taken with a panoramic lens or have been 'stitched together' using proprietary software to create a long wide view of the subject.

What is a 360 degree panorama?

A 360 degree panorama is just that, it is an image of an area stiched together to allow a 360 degree view. The image is controlled using javascript so you can use your mouse to move the image.

I can't see the pictures.

To view the galleries you will have to have flash installed, this is a free and harmless application which is widely used to display dynamic and interactive content. You can download the latest version of the flash application here.

I can't see the 360 panoramas.

To see the 360 panoramas you will have to have java installed, download it here.

The pictures load slowly.

The pictures have been optimised for viewing on the web and the majority of the pictures are under 200kb in size which has affected the quality of the pictures. This is a compromise between the quality of the pictures and download times for you.
The speed of downloading will be very dependant on the speed of your internet connection. If a picture is downloading the gallery will display a gauge which will show you how far through downloading a picture is.
There will also be a short delay while each gallery is initially loading please be patient.

Can I suggest a location?.

I hope you do! There are spectacular views all over the North East and I am happy for you to tell me about them. Feel free to e-mail me.